Traffic Everywhere

Been a little busy ground-pounding lately, with an accordant dearth of interesting post fodder to share. New one in the works. Until then…

Went to fly with a friend at Scottsdale this morning, and had quite a busy commute from my home base. The southeast Phoenix metro area was literally filled with balloons, perhaps 20 or more. We’ve had a strong, dry short wave blowing through for the last couple of days, and the wind was kicking up even at 7:15am, making for a severe-clear day. Local lighter-than-air pilots were doing all the flying they could get in before the wind became a problem, so threading my way between CHD and FFZ enroute to SDL was a bit atypical but for the balloon traffic.

Traffic 9:00 Low, Gilbert AZ, 3/27/2010

There were many more to see, but it was busy enough that I only managed to the one shot in.


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