Tailwinds to San Diego

Sunday 3/28, I needed to go to San Diego to attend a family occasion. This trip is normally about a 7 hour drive, but only 3 hours by lightplane. Considering that the airplane gets better mileage than my pickup, and that the stress level of flying is far lower than driving, I’m pressed to find an argument to drive.

I’ve made this trip often in the last several years. It’s over a long stretch of desert, and typically not terribly interesting to see. This day, however, was a bit unusual; a windy spring trough had blown through the day previous, and a ridge was beginning to build over SoCal. This provided two unusual conditions:

  1. A nice, 15-20kt tailwind (whee!)
  2. Severe clear skies

I needed to arrive by 9:30AM, which meant a 6AM departure. Because I was leaving so close to sunrise, the light was pink, low, and dramatic for most of the first couple of hours of the flight, resulting in some nice shots that I think are worth sharing.

So, follow along with me in the virtual right seat. For you student pilots reading this, the route for this is KCHD->GBN->V66->BARET->KMYF (which, because it’s sandwiched between an ADIZ and lots of restricted airspace, is about the only way to get there).


1 Response to “Tailwinds to San Diego”

  1. 1 Michelle April 5, 2010 at 7:29 am

    I like your dune pics….

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