An Atypical New Guy

Note the fine fellow in this photo; he has that fresh “I just had an airplane in my hands for the first time” grin:

Rich S., wearing that first flight smile, 8/14/2010

This is Rich. I’ve worked for him for a bit short of 7 years now. I consider him just a first-rate supervisor, especially in trying times. He has a way of sticking up for his employees in a way that creates an esprit-de-corps that is simply unmatched.

I happen to know that he’s approaching a point in his life where he wants to travel some. A lot of this travel will be at a state or regional level, and sometimes not to major cities, and not on a terribly rigid schedule. And as we pilots know, this is where a light airplane really sparkles.

Accordingly, he’s been asking me aviation questions, small at first, then more frequent as time went on.

Recently, during a commiserative discussion (you airline pilots reading, note that you’re certainly not alone in modern workplace frustrations), I quipped: “oh, heck with it, lets just go flying”.

To which he said, “OK”…

A couple of weeks later, we took one of the local school’s 172s out for a 90 minute intro flight. Once in the air, the grin took over, and got bigger as we went, despite the 90+ degree day.

(You pilots naturally know what happens next, right… ?)

So, he’s now thinking about the ramifications of “The Dive”.  I did subsequently mention to him the pitfalls of flying with an instructor who also happens to be an employee, although he did point out that the two of us naturally communicate quite well, and this should be a real asset.

Will he or won’t he? Time will tell. But let us wish the man luck (in these pages if you so wish…)


1 Response to “An Atypical New Guy”

  1. 1 Matt Mets August 15, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Hey, I recognize that guy! Glad to hear you are having fun 🙂

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