You’re Not Leaving Las Vegas

It’s been on a curse on all of us since 2001, a 30nm ring of “protected” airspace follows the President wherever he goes, halting all aviation operations besides scheduled air carriers and military  (Never mind that actual hijackers historically have an affinity for “scheduled air carriers”).

When this has happened in the past, the published TFR typically had a procedure for departures or arrivals to reliever airports in outlying areas. It allowed for direct arrivals or departures only (no transitions, traffic watch, cropdusting, training, etc.) under direct ATC supervision, but at least it was there. You could get in or out, and get on with your business, and that truly helped.

Not anymore, apparently. DHS has apparently chosen to omit this option from the TFR. Simple omission, or an unspoken shift in policy?

True, it’s only for short period. But the really obnoxious part is the reason he’s there: not for a head of state, or a meeting, or an emergency. He’s simply there to fundraise for his party.

That’s right. The US government is using taxpayer dollars to prevent citizens from traveling so that one party can raise money to spit at the other party, so they can spit back, ad nauseum.

(Never mind that he shut down most Hawaiian airspace for 2 weeks last holiday season, just for a vacation. Most everyone in their local aviation economy got a 2 week furlough at the peak of their peak season.).

Did someone simply make a mistake? You tell me…


1 Response to “You’re Not Leaving Las Vegas”

  1. 1 Mike July 15, 2010 at 3:29 pm

    You are only seeing the tip of the iceberg from this self absorbed meglamaniac…………but I digress. He will continue to step on the citizens’ liberties. We can only hope his attention does not turn to general aviation as a direct target.

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