A Thought for Independence Day

I’ve not posted much of late, mostly because I’ve been surprisingly busy working and teaching. No interesting trips or events of late, but I’m sure getting all the right seat time I can handle.

Early morning this July 4th found me at the local airport working with a primary student He’s getting near the latter part of the program, and it’s rewarding to watch his confidence grow with each flight, and to witness his realization that the privilege of the freedom of flight is ever closer to his grasp. It’s also apparent that he comprehends the significant  depth of the responsibilities that accompany this new freedom.

Which led me to this thought…

Many believe that man’s access to powered flight is an American innovation. There are arguments against this, of course. Yet, I think it’s difficult to argue that the evolution of powered manned flight did not have meaningful impact on the American character. In fact, it’s a core belief that I hold; that the privilege of an individual to take to the sky is key to our modern identity as a nation. Not all of us may exercise that privilege, of course, but the fact that the privilege exists says so much about us.

That freedom is profound. And with profound freedom comes profound responsibilities. It’s an inescapable fact of life. Whether it’s the simple joy of being in the air, or to say what we think must be said, or to cast a vote with a clear conscience, or to defend our homes and our borders, or to make sure all are fairly represented and governed, we all know that these freedoms are priceless, and it’s our responsibility to do all we can to protect them.

Best wishes for happy Fourth to all. Keep the faith…


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