That’s No Windsock…

… it’s a freakin’ C-47 on a stick!

Converted C-47 as weathervane - Whitehorse, YT (CYXY)

I knew this existed at Whitehorse, but I’d never seen it in person until now. It’s in front of the Yukon Transportation Museum. Unfortunately, the museum isn’t yet open for the season, but I couldn’t resist an up-close-and-personal look at it.

On this particular day, winds were 20 gusting 30 out of the south-southwest, so I got to see it weathervane for real. Amazing how quick it changes direction right over one’s head. Seems like one should duck to get out of the way when it moves.

Two other observations about it:

  • No oil dripping from its engines (seems wrong for old radials). Heck, the B-50 parked at the Pima museum still drips oil…
  • There’s dirt on the tires, visible on the photo. Not sure how it got on there, would have expected it to have washed off long ago.

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