A runway is where you make it

I’m on a long road trip at the moment.

Imagine my surprise while driving along the edge of still frozen Muncho Lake in far northern British Columbia, when I run into this lone DHC-3 parked on the still-frozen surface of the lake.

Turbine Otter on Muncho Lake, B.C., 4/2010

Turbine Otter parked on Muncho Lake, B.C., April 2010

Hard to tell from the distance, but I don’t see evidence of cabling for wheel skis, so it would appear he’s simply using wheels on the packed snow surface. My guess is that he has about 2 more weeks before the lake thaws enough that the airplane goes back on land (or into the shop for floats).


1 Response to “A runway is where you make it”

  1. 1 Michelle April 16, 2010 at 1:22 pm

    hopefully back on land or to the shop and NOT to the bottom of the lake. Good morning! Have you seen my airplane?

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