Flyabouts – Cherry Creek Canyon

Last weekend, I set out to experiment with a couple of spots useful for practicing constrained-terrain flying techniques with students. Such spots need to be within a short distance from the Phoenix metro area, and I’d prefer them to not be charted wilderness areas (see AIM 7-4-6) as so many are.

One such place that I’d not experimented with is in Cherry Creek Canyon, east of the Sierra Ancha Wilderness.

Unfortunately, I got a late start on a day following passage of a trough, and so there was a strong southwesterly flow of 25-30 knots at 7000′ once I got there. That’s enough breeze to warrant a little extra room between airplane and rocks, so I didn’t fly as deep in the canyon as I wanted to. I’ll have to try again another day.

Still, the view was nice, even if it was a marginal day for pictures.

Northeast face Sierra Ancha Plateau from over Cherry Creek - 3/2010


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