Pining for the Fjords

KCHD WX 3/8/2010 1910Z

Two observations about this photo. One is that a range of low mountains in the distance is only partially visible. Two is that there is water standing everywhere.

Central AZ was windy and wet earlier in the week. Mid-day Monday had a thick layer at 4000 feet with the customary AIRMETs for mountain obscuration and ice. VFR crusing in the desert could work, but forget about flying to the high country, or IFR in anything affordable for us working folks (read: airplanes with ice-protection)

Warm days are only a few weeks away, and then the siege of summer heat in the desert begins. While the rest of the country is starting to dig out from under winter, the best part of our local flying season is almost behind us. Come July, I may be looking at this photo wishing I was someplace with mountains, clouds, weather, and water (and floatplanes)…

(No, that’s not a dead Norwegian Blue in the foreground, it’s a live Wichita Red)


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