Silver Linings

Life takes odd twists sometimes. Small things happen that sometimes have big effects later. And sometimes we think our actions are wholly inconsequential, yet they may not really be so.

My first post on this blog was meant to make a statement about a selfish and damaging act. It wasn’t meant to have a positive outcome, instead it was just something I really needed to say. Nothing more.

Fast-forward several days later, and I’m in a regularly scheduled phone call with a colleague in the Austin area (where the act hit home perhaps more so than with the rest of us). He’s a bright, personable guy, and I really enjoy working with him. He knows flying is my passion, and often has questions, which I always enjoy answering.

And so, after we’re busy discussing the weeks work, he mentions the post, and then goes on to say that he’s now checking out local flying schools, and has some questions about what to look for…

I never would have imagined that this would be the outcome, that a small rant I wrote would have had the effect of getting someone’s aspirations off the ground. Apparently it did, and imagine how good that made me feel; that a reaction to bad news could have such good consequences. Who knew?

So, to my colleague trying something new, the very best of luck. This will open up an entire world that will take you places and bring you sights that you may have never imagined possible. Of course, there’ll be work, and frustrations, and troubling expenditures, but I have yet to meet someone who’s ever regretted going down this path.

And be sure to tell us about it, OK? Hangar flying is always part of the fun…


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