In DeHavilland We Trust, All Others Pay Cash

Before I die, I want to fly a Twin Otter. Hopefully on floats. From either seat. In some wonderfully middle-of-nowhere place where people and stuff need to be moved to where there are no roads, only water, or snow, or the most minimalist of dirt strips.


OK, back to deciphering this kernel oops. Seriously…

So, imagine my curiosity when, amidst last week’s bad news, I see where the first new-production DHC-6 in years took to the sky.

To me, it’s ever-so-heartening to know that there’s new non-turbojet airplanes being built with a purpose beyond shuttling big loads or time-pressured folks to long paved runways in congested places (not that those don’t have their place). Airplanes with fixed gear and wings optimized for short ground runs, like this one. Especially airplanes with a long and revered history like the -6, which can trace it’s roots all the way back to the DHC-2 Beaver some 60 years ago.


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