Joe Stack – You. Douche.

Thanks for nothing, Joe. By now, most of the world has some strange comprehension of your story. I’m just not going to let this event pass by without a bit of my own invective.

So, you were an engineer that had a problem with professional discrimination. I sure understand that. We techies may be the last bastion of the American Middle Class, but we’re sure disappearing in a hurry. I can relate. I get it.

You had decades of conflict with the IRS, most recent because of a bonehead mistake by an accountant. Lots of folks would sympathize with that.

Banker bailouts deeply offended your sensibilities. Yeah, pretty sure you’re not alone on that one.

And then you decided to make your protest with an airplane…

So instead of doing something constructive to make your point, you decided to assault a few government workers in some building. One dead, another burned, more injured. Guess what? None of these folks made the rules you railed against, that happened a thousand miles away. They were just ordinary people with kids and mortgages, concerned for their future just like the rest of us (and worried about the next aggrieved soul to walk through the door, quite unlike most of us). They were the unfortunate messengers, no more.

But you also figuratively assaulted a half-million other citizens that make up the brother and sisterhood of pilots. Every single one of us, working to protect our cherished privilege to exercise the freedom of flight. Our priceless American Dream.

You disrespected all of us. Charter and medevac and flightseeing pilots. Businessmen with remote customers. Instructors of all kinds, trying so hard to make a living with airplanes, seaplanes, helicopters and gliders. Aerial photographers. Forest fire control pilots. Weekend getawayers. Servicemen and women in base flying clubs. Entrepreneurs working on public access to space. Retired airline pilots. Backcountry cargo operators. Aerospace engineers. Airshow pilots. Crop dusters. And so many more of us yet unmentioned…

Especially for the last nine years, we’ve battled political grandstanding, costly and useless legislation, and all kinds of senseless security theatre, just to protect our livelihoods and passions. You marginalized all of that effort, and us.

What a pointless waste.

To the rest of my half-million compatriots, let’s go flying. While it’s still possible


3 Responses to “Joe Stack – You. Douche.”

  1. 1 Miranda February 20, 2010 at 5:06 pm

    I wondered how you felt about all that. I totally was thinking everything that you just put down in words. Sorry one has to ruin it for everyone.

  2. 2 Mr.Just A Pilot February 22, 2010 at 12:28 am

    Government and weapons of little destruction.

    Imagine talking to a friend at work one day and discover later he left work to shoot himself in the head. And to make things worse, you were the last person he talked to and you never had a clue. In my life time I have had many close acquaintances go off the deep end for various reasons. Scrutinizing the mechanism of murder suicide is like questioning why a bank robber picked a specific weapon. It has little significance relative to the underlying problem. Until everyone in this country is locked away in a cell, retaliatory suicide will remain one of the favorite stealth weapons used on citizens by government to steal our freedom.

    Unfortunately in our society, few question or even care how someone could sink to such depths from their own perspective. So what happens now? Shocked friends and a devastated family members suffer from unproductive ridicule. Big Brother will seize the event to increase control under the cloak of safety. The Media profits while deflecting attention away from the real issue. Innocent victims once again pay the price of historical neglect to address the underlying problem.

    The entire event is very sad from beginning to end. And what makes it worse is once again, the root cause is of no concern as he was just a stranger with mental issues. Keep in mind, we are all born onto this earth with metal equality and an individual’s destiny in life is ultimately the product of society in its entirety. Joe arrived on this earth as an innocent baby, but left as a cold killer.

    Like other targets of Big Brother protectionism, aviation has and will continue to be strangled until aviators them selves are pushed to far and begin to push back. Don’t let GA continue to die under the foot of Big Brother, get involved before it’s too late.

  1. 1 Silver Linings « airphoria Trackback on March 4, 2010 at 7:53 pm

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